fundacion Leones El Salvador

Welcome to the official page of Leones!

Have the most cordial welcome to the official page of Leones taekwondo, El Salvador.

In groups of Leones, you will find a space where not only you have the chance to learn the basic elements of our martial art and Olympic sport, you’ll also find a place where you can learn to develop as integral people with the support of a big family “Leones”.

Under Leones movement, we’re an excellent complement for academic education to a lot of children and teenagers, and also an option for older people that likes this physico-mental activity, that allows relieving stress and stay healthy.

Now you can be a part of our family through “Leones Taekwondo Foundation”, being this legally constituted and the first sports entity in El Salvador’s history to have an online platform to receive donations from all over the world in seconds, looking to stay in the forefront to support in the best way our two biggest axes: Support talent of taekwondo to be recognized internationally and to be involved with new projects for those who has less resource to support them with education throughout sport.


In the name of “Leones family”, be all welcome to our official page.


We invite you to be a part of the adventure LEONES!

Lic. Leo Ruano

CEO Leones

Diseño web